Mr. Hikmat Message

Fashion is a way to express who you are speechlessly.
My interest in black comes from my vision that is if the woman wants to be brilliant, she has to wear black. I believe that my designs will grant woman to feel of confidence and happiness. Fashion is a key factor in empowering the people’s pertinence and connectivity, as it interacts with the identity and heritage. The woman guise reflects her education and culture. The educated woman will always search the design that have a harmony of simplicity, calm, and elegance. Therefore, I see that humans look is connected to the soul, as fashion is the community mirror that has a unique power of expressing ourselves and our way of live.

Company Vision

To be a trend setter in moslem ladies fashion apparel industries in Indonesia and around the world.

Company Mission

Consistent in building brand character with goodvalue, goodquality, fairness and trustness

Consistent in Developing competent employees to create a goodworking environment to support the achievement of customer satisfaction

Strengthen collaboration with the department store, multimedia seller, distributor and sub-distributor through communication and better cooperation

Develop a healthy company operating in all aspects, such as regulatory compliance, environmental and others.

Hikmat Abaya Pabrik
Hikmat Abaya Factory

Proud History of Success

Hikmat Company was established in 1997 by the owner Hikmat Salih Ahmed, who deeply loves fashion career. In which made him be more ambushes toward goals while was affiliated to his studies. Hikmat graduated and received a degree of law studies. He never diverted from craft-ship, therefore he shifted to Damascus, Syria to practice his successful, local career as well as expanding his fashion to Arab countries.

Shifting to Jakarta-Indonesia around 2011, Hikmat Company become an enterprise industry of garment and retail in Indonesia. That focuses on meeting the needs clad moslem women in all activities and routine well while working, day-to-day and when attending special events, such as weddings, social gathering, birthday, and others. Which took about 3.000 m2 local space at KBN Marunda Center – on the north Jakarta makes Hikmat Company can export finesse successfully to everywhere.

With the Brand Concept of Smart & Elegant Dressing, and always focused on Brand Character it makes HIKMAT brandable to be a compete in Indonesian modern retail market, such as Sogo Dept. Store, Metro Dept. Store, Centro Dept. Store, Star Dept. Store scattered in almost all major cities in Indonesia with 2 independent Stores in Jakarta and Bekasi.
Besides Indonesia HIKMAT brand also has a distribution network internationally in those countries of Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States.